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At Neartec, we can provide your Bussiness Development staff right here on the West Coast though our nearshore outsourcing platform based out of Tijuana, Mexico.

The benefits of Bussiness include:

When we talk about business development, what exactly do we mean?

Business development refers to multidisciplinary management for the definition of products and services, aimed at reinforcing its commercialization. Definition of new opportunities, creation of needs and design of an alliance strategy.

In this sense, the person responsible for business development defines how the business must evolve so as not to stagnate, to continue growing.


• We visit the websites of your competition or talk to their clients, and from there we extract valuable information that we will later organize to find your clients and provide you with development.
• We read newsletters and news from your competition, clients or geographic market, to understand and detect possible business opportunities, and of course, once again, we try to use that information to improve.


• We go to events in your sector or meetings of professionals in our field or in which there is a typology similar to that of one of your client groups, to attend to the current reality of your sector, or listen to the problems that we must solve for those who are or could be clients,
• We distribute cards and make you known, and of course, afterwards, we try to use all that information in your products or services.
• We make a list of current customers to whom we believe we can sell more volume, more expensive or a new product or service.
• We talk to your customers, or we survey them to see if they have any ideas for improving your solution, or if they have a new problem that is consuming them and if it is close to your skills and they believe that it can provide us with business, we give them an outlet in a new one feature your current product / service or create a new one.


• We allocate time to tell your company, to talk about it at dinners and meetings, on your website or blog, and we count your products and services to make them known.
• We detect companies close to yours in the value chain and try to make some agreement or alliance to find synergies, saving costs, achieving better distribution, new customers or simply being able to sell more.
• We use some sales control system, from our visits (in person or to our website or catalog), calls, or public talks, through received contacts or requests for quotes to closed sales or clients where we have improved initial sales, and as we say , then we use that information to improve.





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