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The benefits of CCTV Installation include:

CCTV is a video surveillance technology designed to monitor a diversity of environments and activities. It is called a closed circuit since, contrary to what happens with diffusion, all its components are linked. Furthermore, unlike conventional television, this is a system designed for a limited number of users who are viewers.

The circuit may simply consist of one or more surveillance cameras connected to one or more video monitors or televisions, which reproduce the images captured by the cameras. Although, to improve the system, other components such as videos, computers or even mobile phones are usually directly connected or networked.

They are fixed in a certain place. In a modern system the cameras used can be remotely controlled from a control room, where you can configure your pan, focus, tilt and zoom. These types of cameras are called PTZ.

These systems include night vision, computer-aided operations, and movement, among other features, which make it easier for the system to be alert when something moves in front of the cameras. The clarity of the images can be excellent, it can be transformed from dark to light levels. All these qualities make the use of CCTV has grown extraordinarily in recent years.

CCTV components
The components that CCTV mainly make are:
  • Cameras are those devices that capture the image of the protected place.
  • Monitor is the external component that allows us to see the images captured by the camera.
  • Image transmission medium. It refers to the way in which the images are transmitted, being able to be by means of coaxial cable, interlaced pair (commonly used when connecting the components in greater distances).
  • DVR, digital video recorder.
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