An Information and Communications Technology company

Neartec is an Information and Communications Technology company. We pride ourselves in strong technology and management skills, specifically in the project brainstorming development. Our collaborative team process helps us increase the success rate, feasibility and efficiency of a project.

With more than 15 years of experience we have a strong and innovative team ready to bring your idea to a reality. Once we meet with you, we will work to determine a project scope and outline, then our team will evaluate them and strategize to determine potential growth, pitfalls, strengths and weaknesses and how to create a solid foundation for the business application to subside and grow from. We believe that a strong foundation is the root of a successful business and that is why we diligently work to create that foundation for you.

Our years of expertise have given us a great insight into software planning and it has become our strongpoint. We understand a company’s struggles and can help prevent you from becoming a statistic as 7 out of 10 IT projects “fail” in some respect.

We focus on serving IT companies in the US, Europe and Latin America. Our strengths clearly are in understanding the problems that some companies face during early development stages, like the lack of brainstorming, planning, discussion and interaction with the client prior to developing the software.

Neartec has helped guide and develop several projects to become significantly successful in their industry. We look forward to assisting you as your management, communication and technology team, we will be there, near you.

Successful projects through Integrity & Honesty, Leadership, Adaptability, Innovation and Results

Studies show that 31% of IT projects will be canceled before they ever get completed. Further results indicate 53% of projects will cost over 189% of their original estimates. The cost of these failures and overruns are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The lost opportunity costs are not measurable, but could easily be in the trillions of dollars in the United States alone.

Don’t be part of the statistics – Contact Neartec today.