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Pay per Click

At Neartec, we provide you with the appropriate tools to position your business so that it can be found by search engines, and with it, reach your potential clients; In addition, we create a corporate image according to your product.

The benefits of nearshore pay per click include:

Our services:

Keyword Research

We have a study, analysis and research system, based on market intelligence, so that your site has the best keywords and can be located quickly.

Landing Pages

In order that your campaigns and promotions not only reach your audience, but also guarantee a conversion rate, we created a landing page where visitors to your site can register or purchase your products or services.

Market Analysis

Hacemos pruebas de mercado para desarrollar tu sitio, y promocionar tu negocio de manera profesional, para encontrar tu publico objetivo.

Campaigns Ads

We use various tools for positioning your campaigns and various resources through digital media, such as: Email Marketing, Social media, and inbound marketing.


Our objective is that your business is positioned in the search engines and in the digital media, so our functions are to create tools with all the adaptive characteristics and required to be displayed in SEO and SEM in an optimal way.


We can support you with the creation of your logo, corporate image; In addition, we design a corporate identity manual, and we can help you with a market study so that you use the appropriate image in your business, product or company.

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