iTimbre Facturación Electrónica a “Proveedor Autorizado de Certificación” (PAC)

iTimbre Facturacion ElectronicaA Proveedor Autorizado Certificado by the Secretaría de Administración Tributaria de México.

Extensive process in creating the documentation and ensuring that each process required in the Matrix is met to SAT’s satisfaction.

Creation of software, purchase of equipment, instalation of that equipment, integration of the Timbre service to SAT, & the interaction with the SAT team in Mexico City to obtain the Certification as a PAC.

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SAINT Anti-Pornography SoftwareAnti-Pornography Software

A secure Internet filtering software that works silently in the background. It allows the user to browse the Internet safely, keeping out offensive content from the Web. It prevents children from finding and viewing sexually explicit websites, whether by typing a search term into Google, or by trying to access a porn site directly.

The software prevents unwanted or unintended search results from appearing in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

It is a lightweight, advanced algorithm focused entirely on one task: keeping a user safe from potentially offensive Internet content. The technology works by blocking known pornographic websites as well as by filtering out any offensive content on other websites in real time.

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Content Analyzer, Learning MachineContent Analyzer Algorithm

A Content Analyzer Web Service. The software instantly analyses and documents dynamically using machine learning and clusterization algorithms. The Analyzer was setup as a client server solution, so that any software may connect to it.

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Temperature Heat Index GraphingTemperature Heat Index Graphing

A web-based application which helps customers retrieve, view, analyze and share critical temperature data during transportation, or stationary storage and displaying points, with their peers and partners throughout the world, 24/7.

The software has an advanced search and multi-graph view features, which help them identify frequent temperature abuse patterns and improve their decision making process.

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Subway BajaSubway Baja: Fast Food Restaurant Online Ordering

Design of an online application that mirrors the in-store ordering process of the restaurant. The goal was to make online ordering a natural transition for customers, thereby reducing in-store wait times.

We developed a master administration area, plus a login for each of the 33 locations of the chain store, allowing each location to manage their own inventory, while giving the main owners the ability to add menu items to every store.

Learn more about the Subway Baja Online Ordering Project


SoftSteel Steel Detailing ProgramSteel Detailing Program

Created to develop tools and technology for the Steel and Detailing Industry that are intuitive, easy to use, and powerful.

The three dimensional Structural Steel Detailing Package was designed for any type of structural steel project. It is recognized as having the best shop drawings in its class.

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SoftScan Bill of Material ScannerBill of Material Scanner

Designed to read from various CAD systems to generate reports for fabrication and produces various output formats for production management.

Learn more about SoftScan Bill of Material Scanner


CNC Plate Burner SoftwareCNC Plate Burner Software

Virtually scans any Connection Material sheet or P sheet of plates detailed for fabrication and creates a DSTV file for the CNC plate burner.

Learn more about SoftBurn plate burner software


Local Credit Union

We worked inhouse to upgrade the website source code and integrate their design specifications.

Additionally we worked directly with the IT staff to test and patch security holes in their website, Google Search Appliance and overall security.


Medical Administration Software as a ServiceMedical Administration Software as a Service

A full hospital management software including patient registration, lab studies, nurse comments, billing, procedure history, inventory management, staff management, etc.

The software is completely customizable for any medical facility. Note: This software is designed to meet or exceed Mexican standards.

Learn more about our medical administration software as a service


The Web Album Create and Print a Photo Album

The application was built in 2003 and launched in 2004 to give an online user the ability to upload their photos, design a photo album, arrange the photos in the order that they prefer and then send the albums to print.

The idea and application was innovative for it’s time giving a user the ability to build their album like on no other site on the web at that time.


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